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Hair Removal


This wax, with its light and creamy texture, makes applying thin layers a breeze. Its exclusive formula allows for remarkably effective hair removal that is both gentle and irritation-free.Thanks to its special ingredients, the Caramel Dream wax calms and softens even the most sensitive skin and assures perfect hair removal, while hydrating the upper layers of the epidermis. Suitable for: This wax is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.


During threading, a thin cotton or polyester thread is doubled, then twisted. It is then rolled over areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair at the follicle level. Unlike tweezing, where single hairs are pulled out one at a time, threading can remove short rows of hair. Advantages cited for eyebrow threading, as opposed to eyebrow waxing, are that it provides more precise control in shaping eyebrows and is gentler on the skin. It can be painful as several hairs are removed at once; however, this can be minimized if it is done correctly with the right pressure. Threading allows for a more defined and precise shape and can create better definition for eyebrows. It is also used as a method of removing unwanted hair on the entire face and upper lip area. Threading is not a good method for removing hair on arms or legs, as the hair in those regions is typically quite coarse and there is too much to remove.

Nu Free Waxing

Nufree Nudesse is the gold standard in hair removal and is carried by thousands of professional salons throughout the world. It was developed over 25 years ago to help plastic surgeons remove hair from a patient before surgery. Here are just a few of the reasons why Nufree Nudesse is the most effective hair removal treatment in the world. Nufree Nudesse is NOT A WAX and never sticks to the skin. Nufree Nudesse is self-preserving antibacterial/antimicrobial so its safe, clean and germ free. Nufree Nudesse is completely BOTANICAL and safe for the entire body. Nufree Nudesse doesn’t dry and can be erased any time! Nufree Nudesse is scientifically tested and uses no animal products.

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